Sgt. John Mattingly's Message to Officers in the Field


That. family. We're talking to the author of 12 seconds in the dark, a police officer's firsthand account of Brianna Taylor raid from sergeant Mattingly you mentioned just now that you're just trying to do your job sergeant Mattingly. I just want to ask you one more question before I encourage everybody to read your book. I presume you retired or you've left the force right now. Tell me how did your colleagues who are still in the force, Friends you have in other jurisdictions. I mean, 'cause I'm a civilian, but I served in the British Army, but I've trained thousands, thousands and thousands of law enforcement officers across the country, local state, federal. And I just don't know how you guys go to work anymore. How you put on the badge, strap on the gun, and go to work when the mayor, the local commissioner, doesn't have your back and when you are prayed to political enemies that can ruin the life of your whole family, what is your message to those officers who are still in the bag? Well, it's tough because people say, man, would you do it again? And I say, yes, I would do my career again because I enjoyed it. I loved it. Would I start over now as a new guy doing it? Probably not for the simple fact that, like you said, there's just no support from upper command, especially if you're in a liberal city like lovo is and like all the main cities, you're already behind the 8 ball, just trying to do the right thing and to pull the laws that are on the book. So I would tell them we need you, we have to have you. You're the one holding the line. We appreciate you and I hope you continue to do it because we do need you as America. And that's the whole point in the book. It isn't about John. It isn't about just my situation. This is hopefully a wake-up call to America to say, hey, if we continue to travel down this path, if we keep going the direction we're going and chasing off all the good cops and prosecute in the ones who are just doing their jobs, you're going to get the bottom of the barrel. We're going to be what we were in Detroit in New Orleans in the 80s. And you're going to have corruption to the level you've never seen, and that's not what you want, and that's not what America

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