Caller Shares His Story From Waukesha Christmas Parade Tragedy


Tell me what you think about the difference between buffalo, you experienced it. I'm sure you being part of that awful day. I'm sure it will be, you'll carry that with you forever. Give me your perspective as somebody who was a part of that awful awful evil act in walker Shaw Wisconsin. Well, I mean, it was just utter chaos and disbelief. And it's a very, very conservative community. And there has been not one writing one anything on radio about this was a devout Democrat that wanted to kill white people. Not one thing like that. In fact, the only thing that happened from The White House was a comment from the press secretary, giving us condolences for our losses. I was literally a foot and a half away from the police officer that was shooting at this vehicle. I was with a girl's girl scout troop that was marking in the freight. Fortunately, we were at the very beginning of the parade. And we were veering off to get off the parade route when the vehicle ended his debacle crap. It was ridiculous. But it was just unbelievable. And ironically, I have been summoned to appear as a juror for his trial coming up in October. Say that again, you were what? I was summoned to be on the jury for his trial coming up in October. So are you going to be on the jury? Well, I had to fill out a 200 page question here and one of the questions was, were you in that parade? And of course I had to answer. Yes, so I don't know, but maybe you'll be able to be disqualified. I

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