The Question That Charlie Gets Asked Non-Stop


Ron DeSantis runs against Trump, are you going to vote for it? Okay, so I get this. I get this question nonstop. And that really tells you something. It's like a fourth or 5th time I've got that question. Okay, I'll give you the same answer. I'll answer it personally, not on behalf of turning point. Let me answer it this way. So Ron DeSantis very well could be a once in a generation statesman. He could be a Lincoln or a Churchill, and he's been totally phenomenal and amazing. If they run against one another, I'm a loyal person. I'm a loyal person as someone who I've been honored to call a friend who I believe was a great president and would be a great president again. And let me tell you why. And this is not a slide at the Santa, obviously. I think he's wonderful. I think he'd be a good president, but I know Trump was a great president. And I'm a loyal person. I gave him my word that if he ran again, I would support him. I'm not a guy that does that and falters. You wouldn't want me to be that type of guy either, right? He's a person that when I had no following, no credibility. And kind of was just like this 21 22 year old. He saw something special in our movement and spoke at our events and invited me to The White House, and he really poured energy and time and resources into our movement. And I don't forget that. I don't just kind of discard it. That's not how I was raised, and I don't think that would be the right thing to do. And obviously you guys would make your own decisions in that regard, but I would say this, that if you win a presidency once, and then the second time you run, it's the most interfered with election in history with ballots going everywhere and Zuckerberg with $400 million. I believe you have earned the right to run for the presidency again, especially after the mess that we're seeing all around us.

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