The Left Doesn't Debate, They Smear


Terrible shooting of this why this kid of blacks you killed two whites too, by the way, you have people he aimed wrong because and of course the old the whole left, the chorus of the left is. It's Fox News fault. But they do that no matter what. When capy Gifford was a shot of a congresswoman and people were killed in two sons, remember that. The New York Times Paul krugman, a very sick puppy in my opinion. An angry sick puppy. Been rhyming for them for decades. Still writes for them, said that Republicans were responsible for that killing. No matter what happens with the Republicans who responsible. Smearing us is the art form. They don't debate us, I've invited these people on all of my life. They never come on. I would go on their show, only Brett Stephens has, because Brett Stevens, while we differed on Trump, we agree on most everything else, but he debated me on Trump on The New York Times video site. Facebook page. But none of the leftist would. They don't debate anybody. I don't blame them.

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