Pay Attention to What Ron DeSantis Is Doing in Florida


Democrats are trying to pull the alarm. They are realizing that one man is remaking the mold. CNN dot com what's left of it. They write, pay attention to what Ron DeSantis is doing in Florida. Not a week goes by CNN rights without Florida's governor's Ron DeSantis proposing or signing some bill that aggravates progressive's worries, civil rights leaders. I love that term civil rights leaders. It's so orwellian. They're the opposite of civil rights leaders. They don't protect civil rights. They protect the criminalization of civil rights. Yeah, civil rights leader, very worried that free speech could be a threat to civil rights. CNN writes or penalizes politically correct corporations. Is that how they're labeling the land now? Disney's a politically correct organization. Oh, I see. Okay, so teaching a 6 year old about sex and transgender and puberty blockers makes you a politically correct corporation. CNN writes Ron DeSantis is a generational talent at seizing headlines. This is the stuff presidential ambitions are made of. This week it was Florida's second major election overhaul in as many years, in which desantis created a new election police force focused on election fraud. It would be under his control, even though he's up for reelection in November. Wait a second. So if desantis is able to put together an election police force, why doesn't every Republican do that?

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