Dinesh Reveals Different Ways to See and Share '2000 Mules'


It's so exciting with the movie right around the corner, basically next week is our premiere week. And I kind of want to go over some ways in which you can watch the movie. And I also hope that you'll help us get the word out about the movie. Remember, we're releasing this movie in a very novel way because we're in an age of censorship. And so the normal places that I put movies, which as you find them in Apple, iTunes, and Amazon Prime, no. This movie is not going to be available in those ways. Now, it is in limited theater is 300 or so theaters, and you can go to the website 2000 meals dot com, put in your state, it'll tell you the theater is now a lot of our theaters are filling up really fast. So if you want to see this movie in the theater, kind of act now. But don't be disappointed if you can't because we might do another one day theatrical, a little later in the month. And moreover, there is a virtual premiere, a virtual premiere is basically an in home premiere. So what do you do? You basically buy a ticket, you have sent an access code, you log in, you click on the access code, and this is all happening on Saturday, may 7th. At 8 p.m. eastern. And it's fantastic. There'll be an introductory program W is actually going to sing live. Then we're going to show the movie, and then there's a live Q&A with some of the key figures in the movie. So this is actually a full program and exciting program out of a magnificent 360° round studio in Las Vegas. We'll be there in person. You'll be watching online, and it's for the same price as a movie ticket. It's a fantastic deal. So if you go on the website just so you'll see the little tab for virtual premiere, click on that. By the way, a small number of people can be there in person. It's more expensive, but if you feel like going to Las Vegas that weekend, this is not this weekend, but next weekend, then you can come in

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