Joy Behar Doesn't Know How Our Government Works


Go ahead Those that were the proudest said I've never had to use my firearm in the line of You know you know that so it's just this cowboy Now sunny hostin is speaking for police Does she speak for you folks She speaks for everybody Go ahead Pass a bell contradicting the New York City for state laws Okay okay Joy the Supreme Court doesn't pass A bill The Supreme Court doesn't pass a law The Supreme Court rules on laws They rule On cases they apply the facts to the law they look at the constitution and they look at their precedent The Supreme Court doesn't pass a bill Now you support the Supreme Court ruling right Ruling over localities and states if it's abortion on demand and whatever it is that your agenda is But you don't support it doing so when they might rule to uphold the constitution because some local or state government is violating it But in no case do they pass laws Or do they pass bills in sunny hostin Should have said something but she didn't

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