The Man Oppressing Women in Swimming: William Thomas


Seems like a nice enough person was the 462nd best swimmer at University of Pennsylvania in the country. Was a man born a man, XY chromosomes was trying to compete in swimming, wasn't really getting anywhere. One day, Thomas wakes up and changes the name to Leah Thomas and decides that want to keep swimming. So it goes from the 462nd best swimmer to the best swimmer, almost overnight. And this happened really slowly by the way. This wasn't like an overnight thing. If you were watching this carefully like we were, we were covering this for like a year and a half. They were like, hey, this is going to be a problem. Like, hey, this is going to be a problem. And they're like, oh no, it's not like they're going to let they're not going to let Thomas compete at the top level the championship. And there you go, at the NCAA championship, in Atlanta, two weeks ago, Thomas was competing and won the NCAA championship as a biological man. And again, that kind of goes back to that whole feminist critique, right? Which is worse so upset that because we're being oppressed by men. And I say, so the feminists are silent because they're now okay because they're oppressed by men, even though they think they're women. It's like, isn't that against the entire argument that I was told my entire life. So now we have

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