Charlie Chats With Dr. Paula Price, Founder of Price University


Hey everybody, Charlie Kirk here. We are at the national radio broadcast association here in Nashville, Tennessee and you meet all sorts of wonderful people at these types of conventions and they come on your show and you learn from them. So with us right now is a new friend. Doctor Paula price, founder of price university. Welcome to the Charlie Kirk show. Thank you for having me. I'm looking forward to it. Great. Nothing but sparkling things about you. So we're going to have a blast. You've been talking to my relatives. Well, I'm not actually that's not true. Not all of my relatives would say that about me. So doctor price introduce yourself to our audience. Well, I am doctor Paula price. I have a church administrator called well actually called the embassy on the pastor and founder of congregation of the mighty where God's lands and I am the founder of price university author of the prophet's dictionary prophets handbook. I have a talk show called taking it on with Paula price. I train leaders and ministers around the world. So you're an underachiever, basically. You have a school, you have a church, you have the whole thing. So your outspoken Christian, you know, you believe in the natural law. I'm also the state committee appointment for Republican Party district one in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma. Oklahoma. Well, that's awesome. So let me just kind of ask you, we can kind of go from there, kind of go from this sort of topic, which is traditionally in the last couple of decades, the black community is not conservative, not Republican. What is your theory as to why that is the case? Well, I actually have a historical fact on that black Americans were Republican until Nixon. Nixon refused an audience with Martin Luther King, and because he did Martin Luther King, went to Kennedy, and Kennedy gave them the platform. So he took and brought black America under the Nixon was vice president. Yeah, well, part of that. Nixon was president after Kennedy was. I know, but when he wanted to have a meeting for him to back them, according to a book I read, I could be wrong. No, I know it would make sense because it would be in the 50s when Nixon was Eisenhower's vice president. Right. And the reason that I say that is because everybody talks about how we only voted Republican. Yes, that's right. Because of Martin Luther King, he shifted us to vote democratic. Got it. So would you think that mainly in the black community, their values are conservative in nature? Yeah, we are very conservative, but the issue is we don't, and I talk to on us because Republicans since I was 18. I've never been anything else. I mean, I did not like the way the Democrats were running and my neighborhood and my community. So I didn't. But I do know that we feel like we're ignored or we're misunderstood or we are pretty much not

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