Conservatives Get Drawn Into Celebrities After One Conservative Idea


Look, here's the overarching issue. And it's about all of us conservatives. We get drawn in. We get sucked into the celebrity. So anytime anybody says something remotely conservative, all of a sudden they become the national spokesperson for the conservative movement. It doesn't matter if they're not conservative. It doesn't matter if they are flaming leftist. Clearly it doesn't matter if they love Hitler. But as long as they're a celebrity, we just love we just knew that Kanye was a conservative. They're saying the same thing about Tulsi Gabbard, right? Let's use a very nice lady and she's actually saying some things that make a lot of sense and she's espousing some viewpoints that are conservative, but she's not a conservative. And you have people out there saying, oh, that beautiful Tulsi Gabbard. She would make a wonderful vice president. Maybe she should be the next Speaker of the House. Wait, what? What? Liz Cheney is more conservative than Tulsi Gabbard. Why not make Liz? So again, it's all about the celebrity. Now, it would be a lot simpler if we all just sort of waited to see how all of this would play out. But people don't want to do that. They just want to immediately embrace these folks. And that's a big problem. You know, Donald Trump tried to help Kanye. And what did Kanye do? He mocked president Trump. He stabbed the president in the back. And what did despicable person he is? How can you say that about yay? He's a Christian. Yeah, I don't know too many Christians out there that are saying how much they love Hitler. I don't know too many Christians who do that. I don't mean to say, I don't sit when I say I don't know how many. I'm saying none.

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