Nicole strengthens to tropical storm en route to Bahamas


A hurricane warning is in effect for The Bahamas and parts of Florida with the really bad weather expected to hit the sunshine state Wednesday night sparing election day National hurricane center specialist Jack Bevin says the hurricane warning for Nicole affects Florida's east coast from Boca Raton to just south of flag the reach and even more parts of Florida as well as Georgia have storm surge warnings We are expecting surges as high as three to 5 feet or parts of the open east coast of Florida We are also expecting a fair amount of heavy rainfall It's already started raining in some places He said three to 7 inches is expected many areas still reeling from damage caused by hurricane Ian Northeast Florida may actually have more severe impacts than it did from Ian because we are expecting the very large area of winds of the north side of the store to cause prolonged high winds high tides if possible The storm surges up in that area I'm Julie Walker

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