A Last-Minute Upsurge of Votes for Democrats


I'm continuing my discussion of Republicans and the midterms. Now, I haven't seen any data on this, but I was looking at social media and a couple of analysts whom I trust talked about a last minute upsurge of votes for the Democrats by young people. Now, for a lot of Republicans, this is like, yeah, I mean, we know, sure, young people, what do you expect? First of all, these guys haven't experienced life. And so they are, yes, idealists, so to speak, but just wait till they turn 30. They turn 40, and they have lives, and they have families, and they have economic practical things to deal with, mortgage payments, and taxes, and deal with inflation, and all of this is going to yank them from the left where they belong now to the right. And there is an element of truth to this, I suppose, which is to say that I've seen examples in cases of people who were like, you know, I used to be a Democrat in college, but man, now that I know what the world is like, and I know how to know how difficult it is to make things meet, make ends meet, I'm going to be voting for the party that protects my economic welfare that protects me. So you do have this economic basis for people moving right, but it's also, and there's been a lot of data on this. A lot of people's political opinions are forged at a pretty young age. In other words, in their late teens and early 20s, and this I know has been true of Debbie and me, David met Reagan when she was 14, she became a Republican in a sense. Then she recognized that she was. She's a Republican now. I became a young reaganite in college in the early 1980s. Look at me now. So in other words, regardless of the sort of vicissitudes of life, that kind of anchoring of our basic convictions remains the same.

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