Does It Matter That Trump Is Back on Twitter?


First of all, this is a point I don't know if you've heard this either Chris but Edward workman said Ilan's rigged pole and reinstatement quote unquote of Trump's account was a troll, nothing more. Truth, social agreement with digital world acquisition company explicitly states his post must exclusively be untrue social for at least the first 6 hours after being issued. So as the most easily owned lib in America, I get that I'm supposed to go, but I honestly, I don't give a you know what I mean. Whatever. I mean I was actually when that came out because I was one of my reactions was, oh, thank God I don't have to go on truth socially. We're truth toilet as I prefer to call it. And then I saw that, and it was like, well, great. And then he said, now I'm going to stay on truth social. And I was like, ah man, I really hate your site. I mean, why don't we all invade that? Yeah. Why don't we all just flood into truth so sure? Sure. You know, I look to a lot of people we love on like Sarah kensy or something. I do not see the information space. Andrew workman saw, I said, I'll be on this platform long after Elon Musk has gone and Donald Trump is in prison, you know? So I'm not leaving, you know, at one point I thought I contemplated, could I handle it if Trump was back? And then I'm like, I don't care, man. You know, I'm going to hear about him no matter what. I was on it. But he was announced for president.

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