3 get life sentences for 2014 downing of jet over Ukraine


A Dutch court has convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment three men for the intentional downing of a passenger plane in 2014 And just the presiding judge hedrick's announced that defendants Igor girkin Sergei dubinsky and Leonid harch enko were found guilty for the murders of 298 people two of those found guilty were Russians and the third was a pro Russian Ukrainian separatist One Russian was acquitted because of a lack of evidence in the courtroom some families of victims blinked away tears as Steen who's highlighted how their lives were changed forever on that day Pete who lost family members in the downing of Malaysian airlines flight MH 17 said he believed in the court system An adjusted for me is when an independent court gives his verdict Who spoke on behalf of the prosecutor said all defendants were equally responsible In our opinion they did it together and both have a different role but not one is less than the other I'm Karen Chammas

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