Kevin McCarthy Is an Establishment Republican


Is very important with these people. And they're not going to pull a fast one on us. So anyway, now you've got now you've got conservative talk radio and the big boys are now siding in with Kevin McCarthy. But Kevin McCarthy is that still does not make him a conservative. It makes him an establishment Republican, a rhino, which is what he's been all along. And we know this because behind the scenes during the midterm elections, Kevin McCarthy was out there campaigning against conservative candidates. He was playing the same game that turtle was playing. And now Kevin McCarthy wants you to think that he is the next, he's the second coming of Donald Trump. Are you buying it? Are you buying what McCarthy is selling here? Because now you have people out there saying, well, there you go, touch starts. How dare you? How dare you criticize this good man. And if Kevin McCarthy is not elected, Speaker of the House, then that means Liz Cheney's going to be speaker. Or somebody else will the Democrats, they might even get Dwayne the rack Johnson to be Speaker of the House. What are you doing? Well, I don't buy it. And by the way, if Liz Cheney has the votes to become Speaker of the House, then that tells you that there is a much bigger and broader problem happening within the Republican Party right now. Because

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