Glenn Kirschner: It's Time for an Investigation Into Justice Alito


You tweeted Congress if you're listening. It's time for an investigation. I'd fashion it an impeachment inquiry of justice Alito, his lies to the Senate to the American people into the late senator Ted Kennedy must be investigated because women's constitutional rights matter. Yeah, I got to get your take on this latest bombshell report about justice Alito leaking. Yeah, The New York Times made it pretty clear in its reporting. I think two days ago, a couple mister and misses Wright had dinner with another couple, mister and misses Alito, and the next day, misses Wright contacted this reverend shank is his name and said, I've got some very interesting information. No emails, please, and then she told him that basically Alito authored the hobby lobby opinion. Another opinion that basically is religion over the rule of law, and that hobby lobby is gonna win. So Alito leaked his own opinion, the hobby lobby opinion. Don't you think he probably also leaked the Dobbs opinions revoking women's constitutional privacy rights? Yeah. And then acted all huffy about it.

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