Every One of Us Has to Do Part of the Lifting


In my book if you can keep it, that it is we the people who have to keep the republic. We have to do something. And we've been fooled over the years into thinking, well, I don't need to do anything. You know, George Bush said to defeat terrorism, just go shopping. You know, it's kind of like this idea that we've got a professional army, don't worry about it. It's not on you. That's all wrong. Every one of us has to do part of the lifting. Every single one of us has to do something. And people say, what can I do? What can I do? And I tell you, there's many things you can do. You can share this program on social media. If you follow me on any other social media, you can retweet my tweets. You can repost what I put on Facebook on parler on Twitter, on gab on truth social, we need your help, folks. We

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