'My Son Hunter' Is Not a 'Red Meat' Conservative Film


There's something going on in America. It's taken us a long time for people with conservative traditional values. People who care about truth, beginning to get involved in the media to make films that are not just our version of propaganda because the left is doing that all day long. But that's real art. And when I interviewed Lawrence Fox who stars as the autonomous, I want to use that word hunter, my son hunter. Isn't that a Greek word, eponymous? Eponymous wall words are Greek alternately, including the word word. No, that's not true. Word is probably Anglo Saxon. But the fact is that to tell a story truly so that it doesn't become just, you know, conservatives will go see it because it's kind of, you know, it's our film or Christians. We'll go see it because it's a Christian but no, this is art. You are telling the story from the inside. It's multi dimensional. And this is the key to winning over those in the middle because there's so many in the middle that they will not go see a red meat conservative film that's airing here or here or here. They won't even hear about it. This is a film that I think everybody could see. And so I want to thank you for bringing your careers worth of experience to bear on the script and on shaping this and on directing it because it's important that we step up our game and telling the stories. Absolutely. And I'm proud to say that I have friends of mine that Bernie Sanders supporters say. And they saw the film and they texted me the impressions of it, which were highly positive and complimentary. Not what they expected. And it was so interesting to see that and that's exactly my frustration with the conservative filmmaking and conservatives when they deal with culture sometimes. It's not, it's not taking an overall. Over pressing a cliche.

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