On this week's AP Religion Roundup, in the midst of an uptick in threats against Jewish school and houses of worship, Hollywood takes a constructive look at antisemitism in American life.


On this week's AP religion roundup In the midst of an uptick in threats against Jewish schools and houses of worship Hollywood takes a constructive look at anti semitism in America Last week the FBI issued a statewide alert in New Jersey That spurred heightened security at Jewish synagogues and schools Public warnings about threats against Jewish institutions aren't unusual Now TV and film studios are turning their focus toward the uptick in anti semitism We were gonna make Steven Spielberg's semi autobiographical film the fable men's focuses on the director's family and the roots of his film career Fables actor Seth Rogen says he relates closely to the movie segments on anti semitism I'm very aware that the only reason my family is in this country is 'cause people hate Jewish people and we're trying to murder us He says it's shaped his own life and career Honestly I think it is very meaningful that of all the things Stephen could put in his film and focus on his life that he chose to include the story of kind of overcoming antisemitism On the small screen viewers of the calling on the peacock service quickly learned the new show isn't a typical police procedural This job it would be easy to lose faith in humanity Detective Abraham is a scholar of human behavior from his study of philosophy and his orthodox Jewish faith This is not a detective that I've ever ever seen on TV And I also didn't think that will come on TV Actor Jeff wilber spoke to AP about his role as a Torah cloning detective In a Jewish detective was biggest strengths is believing in humanity and this is what leads him to solve the most inhumane crimes Matthew tinker the show's executive producer says he hopes the show will help dispel hate and misunderstanding It's beginning a conversation which at the end of the day is what leads to any acceptance in this world I'm Walter ratliff

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