John Zmirak and Eric Discuss Samuel Alito's Dismantling of Roe V Wade


Samuel Alito, in his decision overturning roe V wade and Planned Parenthood V Casey, he doesn't talk about the morality of abortion. He doesn't talk about the unborn baby being human. He doesn't talk about Christianity. What he does is exactly what the lawyers did in the movie denial. Systematically dismantles the false intentionally deceptive, shallow, dishonest arguments offered in roe V wade and Planned Parenthood V Casey to pretend that the U.S. Constitution as adopted in 1787 and amended after the Civil War to pretend that the constitution secretly entailed the right to abortion. And he systematically obliterates all the arguments offered by the left in favor of abortion being protected by the U.S. Constitution. He doesn't show that they're false. He shows that they're garbage. They're garbage. They're worse actually than David Irving's falsification. But just to be clear, so the parallels clear to those listening in case people are missing it. In other words, rather than play to the crowd, knowing that abortion is a monstrous evil, just like we know what happened in the Holocaust is a monster evil. Rather than doing that, what Alito does just as Deborah lipstadt's lawyers do. They effectively say, no, we're going to pitch our argument at the legal experts. Right. We're going to show legally bloodlessly how this fails completely on a legal basis on a basis of fact, we're going to take a motion out of it, not that emotions ought to be taken out of it. But these are the tax taken by the lawyers in that case. And then by Sam Alito, so that's a brilliant parallel. That's

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