Rep. Jim Banks: Pentagon Promotes CRT, Gender Identity 'Insanity'


There is a very disturbing report out this is the headline from Fox News, Pentagon promotes critical race theory, gender identity, insanity. This is according to a GOP report that was obtained exclusively by Fox News, what's in this report? What can you tell us congressman? But The Pentagon told us that they weren't, they weren't pushing critical race theory, right? The last couple of years, they've been telling us that's not happening. It's not going on. It's completely provable and the report proves it that they've been advancing anti americanism through pushing CRT, other ideologies on our own troops. I've battled back and forth in the armed services committee hearing room with the top admiral and the United States Navy with secretary milley or general milley and secretary Austin, the top leadership of The Pentagon on these issues, it's unsustainable for a country to ask the next generation of young men and women to raise their right hand, take the oath of office that I did to serve protect and sometimes in some cases even ultimately the risk of paying the ultimate sacrifice for our country when we, at the same time, teach our kids and tell our troops that America is inherently evil and racist and that we're dying for this unsustainable as a country and that's why it's so dangerous that they would allow this ideology to creep into our institutions of the military and out among some of our troops who are younger who are enlisted and you're teaching them this garbage. So it's dangerous. We have to do something about it. Now that we had, again, now we have the we will have the majority. It might be a narrow majority, but Mike Rogers from Alabama will be the chairman of the House armed services committee with the gavel, we have to use that authority to force The Pentagon to stop spilling this garbage teaching this garbage pushing this garbage out on our men and women in uniform.

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