Driver Crashes Into Apple Store Outside Boston, Killing 1


Not looking good here in Boston. Police have set up those white tents in front of what's left of the Apple store. We understand the reporting from daily from the daily mail is that at least one person is dead, at least ten others were taken out or at least the hospitals are being told to expect at least ten patients there. And we understand that the force was so powerful this, again, this driver plowing an SUV through the front window of the Apple store there right outside of Boston. And actually, it was the back wall that stopped the SUV. So, I mean, this thing went all the way through the Apple store. And now there are concerns that the building may not be stable, so that the building may collapse. It's a mess. So anyway, we'll keep you updated on that story. We have information video photos from the scene over at Todd stern's dot com.

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