Iran protests rage on streets as officials renew threats


Protests raged throughout Iran with some going on overnight as officials renew threats against local descents Explosions wrung out on the streets of cast Arizona in Isfahan province south of Tehran online mobile phone footage showed balls of fire erupt in the streets as protesters shouted in the background much further south in bandaras and online videos showed women twirling their headscarves above their heads in protesters cars honked their horns in solidarity in the Kurdish town of mahabad protesters carried the body of a local man who was shot a month ago by security forces but died recently the protesters chanted martyrs don't die and Kurdistan are enemies are afraid of you another online video showed protesters in the capital Tehran chanting freedom over a wave of supported car horns It has been over 50 days since protests erupted in Iran following the detention and killing of a Kurdish woman in morality police custody Iranian officials have kept up their threats against the demonstrators and the wider world including Saudi Arabia who alongside Britain the U.S. and Israel they blame for fermenting unrest I am Karen Chammas

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