The Importance of Words in Your Marriage With Dr. Mike Bechtle


Let's start with today's discussion by looking at the power of words. I mean, people talk about this, the Bible talks about this, that the power of life and death is in the tongue we mentioned that last time, we could be pretty casual about the words we use, probably the most casual that I'm using my words unwisely is in my marriage. I'll say something to Jane just to maybe push a button and I would imagine you would say that's really not very smart, Jim. So in that context, why is that such a danger? It's a danger because especially in a marriage context because we use so many words. We're there for so long. Longer you've been married when you're first dating, you behave yourself. And you say words that you're trying to impress them or get them to like you and it grows and finally you marry the person and then you don't have the same vocabulary. You don't have the same well you add to your vocabulary, okay? And then you're able to use words, but sometimes you're just tired and you say something and it's just not as healthy as it could be otherwise or it's not as affirming or it doesn't build the other person up. When I look at a verse like ephesians four 29 that says don't say anything that doesn't build up. That's the characteristic of everything we do. And I think especially in a marriage, we just have so many conversations over the years, it's easy to just be in a place where we forget to use cautious words or healing words.

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