A highlight from Thanksgiving SOS: No Kitchen


First up, we hear from rose, who called in from Seattle. Hey, rose, this is Chris. How are you? Hi, doing good. Thanks. So rose. Why don't you tell me in your own words? What are you looking at here? Yeah, so basically we were supposed to have our kitchen Renault start. It would take three weeks, so we were all going to be good to go for Thanksgiving. It got pushed back to starting next week. And I know renovations, they always are exactly on time and nothing ever goes long. So. Oh my God. Now we're starting to be very concerned that we will not have a kitchen for Thanksgiving. And we are paying to fly my mother in law out to see our house for the first time since COVID. So guests are definitely coming. Kitchen looking very dicey. Very dicey. Dicey at best, let's say. But ultimately, you're going to need to make something happen and feed people somehow, right? Yeah, that is correct. I was hoping that my Friends, when I told them, oh, oh no, we're not going to have a kitchen. I was hoping someone would be like, oh, we can just host at our place. And they were like, no, you do totally fine. Your table's all set up and you're living room. It'll be great. You've got this. No kitchen. Guests inbound. I love the confidence. I mean, clearly, they must have seen you rise to the occasion in the past or something, huh? Yeah, I was told one year that my turkey was the best tricky anyone ever had, which I feel like also puts a bunch of pressure on the situation because now I'm like, okay, I have a track record of having good thanksgivings. I gotta pull it out of my hat this time. The impossible weight of great expectations. So tell me more about the turkey you made that was quote the best turkey that your Friends had ever had. Yeah, it was the first time I ever cooked a turkey, which was a little intimidating. But researched for days, what's the best way to cook a turkey? What does everyone recommend? And I went with brining it. And what Brian, yep. Wet brine. Who are you looking at? Who was like, no, you need a wet brine your bird in the year 2020 or whenever it was. It was 2020. No, I just researched online and people said that that made it the juiciest, so I was like, okay. I'll do it. I don't know what I'm doing. I bought a William Sonoma, what Brian spice blend? And a plastic bag kit that they sold. So had it in the fridge for a couple of days. Oh, wow. And everyone raved about it. So I did that again last year as well. I was like, okay, this is the method now. The kit, the bag, the whole shebang. Wow, okay. So to get back to the issue at hand, you may not have a kitchen. But your hosting. Whatever happens, and you will not have access to an oven correct correct or cooking tools are we have a propane grill out on the deck. I have a large instant pot, and I have an air fryer. Oh. And are you pretty comfortable with the grill? I'm pretty comfortable. I'm not like a Hank hill grill master knows it all. But I can grill. Okay. You know, it's funny. There were a few thanksgivings that my uncle felt compelled to make a second turkey just in the spirit of having extra leftovers. And I always got put on the grilled turkey duty. And it was actually kind of magical. You know, just kind of being outdoors. And I don't know what it's like in Seattle in November, but I imagine it's not like brutally cold or anything? No, it's not brutally cold. Yeah. I think the cool thing is the grill is actually a pretty solid way of cooking a turkey. And let me just ask you this. Are you kind of committed to having something of like Norman Rockwell whole turkey presentation moment or like you're the kind of person who's like, well, I made you turkey curry. There's turkey in there, get over it. You're not getting a postcard turkey here. I don't think it has to be a postcard turkey. I would say that for the main dish, thinking of my mother in law's tastes. Something that leaned more traditional in some way would probably go over best with her. Okay. But it doesn't have to be like the full trust of bird with the stuffing inside by any means. Enough said, all right, we hear you loud and clear. In terms of what you hope to find around that turkey, is there anything that's just sort of like non negotiable have to have it ride or die or is everything else just kind of like loose and open to interpretation? I think the sides are very open to interpretation. So last question if I asked you really nicely to kind of do a dry run of doing something on the grill, would that be something that you're open to pre Thanksgiving? Yeah, I mean, we don't have the kitchen anyway. So why not? I have to cook food for us to eat. Somehow we can't live on pizza every night. Yeah. I don't know, for you, I sort of see this entire image emerging of like three to 5 dishes and not that you have to do them all, but just things that I think that can be doable on the grill. I'm feeling so fired up about it. I think we're going to be in great shape here. Awesome. Yeah, I'm feeling a lot more confident about it too. I was like, as long as I have a plan, then not having a kitchen. It's fine. I can deal with it. I have a solution. Whatever happens, you're in good hands. I'm so glad you called. Yeah, thank you. I'm very excited for it.

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