The US Cleared a Big World Cup Hurdle. The Knockout Round Poses Another.


The world. Here's Dan schwarzman. Thanks, Brian. Argentina advances to the knockout round of the World Cup with a two zero win for Poland, as Argentina overcomes a miss penalty kick by messing the first half. Meanwhile, Poland also advances due to gold differential despite Mexico beating Saudi Arabia two to one as Mexico misses the knockout stage for the first time since 1990. After the match, Mexico manager Tata martino announces that he was leaving his post as his contract had ended with the conclusion of the match. Elsewhere Tunisia shocks frames won Neil as France played mostly backups while Australia stuns Denmark one nil to move on to the round the 16. Saudi Arabian club Al nasr has reportedly offered Kristen hernando a three and a half year contract value to more than a 100 million pounds per year with a 5 time below under a winter will wait until after the World Cup to make a decision. Now the left Manchester United by mutual termination and

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