Prayers go on, sometimes out of sight, in high school football


On this week's religion roundup, prayers go on, sometimes out of sight in high school football. In Jesus name, amen. Let's go. Pregame prayers have become a focal point after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled a Washington state public school coach how to write to prey on the football field. Since then, some speculated there would be more game day prayers. Confidence endurance. A recent AP North Pole shows a majority of American adults approve of the decision. In Michigan, football coaches like west bloomfield's Justin ivy found ways to make it voluntary. It was never a situation where we made anybody come and do it. We just did it. AP sports writer Larry lage says there was some pressure to increase the amount of prayer at games. One coach just outside of Detroit says several people in the community pushed him to use his platform and constitutional right to pray publicly, but Dearborn fordson high school coach fuad Saban says he chose to keep prayers behind closed doors to avoid potential anti Islamic jeers. I actually was flooded by calls and they were hoping that I would take advantage of the ruling and we would do our actual prayer out on the field. So but that's not the way we've operated forts and senior whiteout Hassan Chennai says his teammate support keeping their prayers in the locker room and away from the public. I think it's better private because I don't, you know, we don't know what everybody wants, but we're a team and we all agreed to this to the prayer and we have no problem with it. But we don't want to do it publicly because we don't know if people are comfortable with know what their opinions are about it. We just don't want anything, you know, any conflict with anybody else. High school junior Chris writes as the prayer strengthened the team's Bond. And it's okay to practice whatever religion you may practice when we all accept each other. It's kind of making it easier for us to be cohesive as a team. I'm Walter ratliff.

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