World Cup: US and Iran pulled into politics



Because one would say this is sports politics shouldn't be involved. The politics has been involved with the sport since his inception. And definitely at this World Cup. And definitely at this World Cup. And a lot of these kids won't even know what the geopolitical battle with Iran is about and how that is linked to them. And they are finding out now. The way that Tyler Adams carried himself. He's the youngest captain in this world. With such poise, such maturation, just such understanding of the moment into eloquently speak that way. Beyond his years, so I commend them for that, but this is going to be something different than just a game and I think red burr halter and his comments to Sam is spot on. You have to match the intensity and the motion of which this game will be played at for Iran. You have to understand that it's much more than a game for them. This means much more than just 90 minutes of ball rolling on the field.

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