Border Patrol agent may have FALLEN to his death down a 14-foot ravine

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Book appointments online at homeadvisor dot com from npr news this is all things considered i'm mary louise kelley and i'm audie cornish the mysterious death of a border patrol agent in west texas last november led to two opposing theories some flights were convinced that smugglers or illegal border crossers attacked the agent with rocks the local sheriff says he knew it was an accident but nobody wanted to listen now he's speaking out npr's sean burnett culbertson county texas is a vast badland of thorn brush mountain big sky and tractortrailers hurtling down a lonely stretch of interstate tune the law in culbertson county is sheriff oscar correo on the night of november eighteenth he was one of the first responders to a report of a border patrol agent down in a culvert culvert is a drainage tunnel that runs under a roadway the husky law man in a cowboy hat returned to the scene recently this is the top of the covert agent martinez was right there at the base face opposition as you can see is pretty high the drop is about ten feet on hard round the sheriff surmises that agent roy helio martinez and his partner parked on the far side of the freeway to check something out and crossed over on foot right off the top of the culver they just didn't see the drop off who see no guardrail no reflectors is dark knight whether martinez died accidentally or whether he surprised the nest of smugglers who bashed in his head is the unsolved mystery culverts are notorious for stashing drugs in immigrants the investigation had scarcely begun when the border patrol union and president trump tweeted that the agents were attacked possibly by immigrants the rio grande is about thirty miles away sheriff korea was the first official to suggest the agent's death was an accident and he took a lot of flack for it we're getting a lot of pulse from people from the interior of the united states all being critical of my stance opposing the possibility of an attack because that's what they were hoping the outcome was it was bad hombres coming across the border and assaulting our lawn fortunately but the case became a flashpoint in the overheated politics of border security trump tweeted about it saying we will and must build the wall when the sheriff said the agents were not attacked critics trolled his facebook page to the.

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