China announces it's imposing new tariffs on 128 US products

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California's now fighting the feds over its interest in protecting immigrants in the country illegally the twenty four years ago the tone was very different no one recognized that there was people power in the immigrant community and their allies we didn't know we were that powerful i'm brian watt how pushing back against proposition one eightyseven galvanized a bay area community tomorrow on morning edition this is michael krasny today on forum in our nine o'clock hour we'll have our weekly politics roundup then in the second hour local author nikki meredith will join us her new book is called the manson women and me monsters morality and murder for nine to eleven here on kqed public radio and coming up this morning and science self driving cars are entering a new age in starting this week the dmv is allowing companies to get permits for testing cars without a backup driver in them while this new technology has many tech lovers excited some people are worried about what this could mean for road safety science reporters take a closer look comes up this morning in morning edition at six twenty two in eight twenty two here on kqed public radio good morning expect sunshine later today with highs sixty s along the coast in peninsula seventies further inland currently fifty four degrees in san francisco it's morning edition from npr news i'm steve inskeep and i made martin good morning president trump is targeting china on trade and now china is fighting back starting today the chinese government will be imposing three billion dollars worth of new tariffs on a list of us products this is retaliation for the trump administration's tariffs on imported steel and aluminum here's rob schmitz joins us now live from shanghai hero mourning rachel what exactly are we talking about here what us products are going to take a hit this is a long and wide ranging list we have one hundred and twenty eight products from apples and berries pork products recycled aluminum ethanol and the tariffs that'll be slapped on these american products when they enter china will range from fifteen to twenty five percent in a statement china's ministry of commerce said quote we hope that the united states will rescind its measures that violate world trade organization rules as quickly as possible and those measures.

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