Muhammad Wilkerson, Green Bay Packers reach agreement on deal

Izzy and Spain


Yeah the bears are getting better they're doing all this work and they still got no chance of competing with the packers and the vikings now right i would think though and matthew stafford's not going anywhere in detroit forgot about the lions i'm fascinated by the packers because this is a brand new era for how long green bay never spend money in free agency with ted thompson now they would dabble every so often julius peppers as one veteran that they did sign a more high profile guy but now you're talking about jimmy graham robbed a mosque you covers the packers for us just reports them muhammad wilkerson is gonna sign with green in bay my opinion is they're feeling the pressure now because aaron rodgers is too great to walk away from this game with only one super bowl title so i think that plays into there is more pressure letting jordy nelson go probably because he doesn't run very well anymore but there's a new gm and a new philosophy in green bay and kirk cousins people debate that contract look the vikings are giving him a fully guaranteed deal because they think they can win the super bowl right now not next year the year after that signing kirk cousins is about winning a championship in two thousand eighteen so jeff who's under more pressure at this point the packers to maximize whatever the opportunity is for aaron rodgers or kirk cousins maximize whatever the opportunity is for the vicario jason i i would say it's vikings management rick spielman is actually under more pressure than kirk cousins because cousins has got his money he played the system per.

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