Navy F-18 fighter jet crashes into water near Naval Air Station Key West


Financial system meltdown ten years ago the cause millions of americans lose their jobs and homes it will have to be reconciled with a much more expansive rollback of the protections passed by the house democrat connor lamb continues to hold a lead of hundreds of votes over republican rick saccone and a special congressional election in pennsylvania republican had represented the district for fifteen years deputy white house spokesman robert shaw says the outcome would have been worse it president trump not gotten involved the president's engagement the race turn what was a deficit for the republican candidate into what is essentially a tie no winners been declared the crew of two has been recovered after the us navy warplane crashed off key west florida the navy f eighteen fighter went down as it was on to naval air station key west the two pilots aboard were able to checked about a mile from the runway they were later recovered in shallow waters close to the base taken to a local hospital for medical treatment officials say their status is unknown martinez abc news the pentagon it was a down day on wall street with the dow closing off two hundred forty nine points and the nasdaq losing fourteen you're listening to abc news komo news one thousand ninety seven seven number one for news good afternoon it's five oh to really nice afternoon in seattle where we have fifty four degrees i'm elisa jaffe with tom glasco here are the top stories from the komo twenty four seven news center kids from seattle joined.

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