Last minute college swap? Also- fracas at a local Hooters....


Let's say let's say that as well that's really good now we have no idea who this person was now we have not they've not comfortable it's eight minutes we it inside it happened at nine fifty seven sunday night but we didn't who actually did it right so if you're listening to this and you were the chew choong it'd be great they had some sort of evidence because anyone could come forward alan say i was the famous chiuchow but if you were the chew choong at the snooka then we want to hear from you we want you to come forward because will but who is this guy so far behind the times to chewing now he's he does not been any sports events and he's been waiting is whether no tickets we'll but he's been waiting a followthrough ticketseekers nazi again for achieved who is this guy so far behind a crazies alert if they came forward and he's there he's got to finish it spin is on the go atomic got she happy slaps the woman next the heavy just really behind no most popular at the moment anyway if you are the famous chew choong the come forward i'm revere yourself right so if you have just choon did the stock market has been opened for eighteen hold minutes this morning i'm so jealous of men that know about the stock market stuff i think it sounds so cool when people talk about stocks i've no idea you know you go to a barbecue assam figured all the dads who could about stocks he got that away what about villa city so there was a story going around the cali jenna who is one of the thousands of caught ashes they are everywhere the caught ashes so one of them cali jenna put a tweets out that they reckon earned facebook thirteen billion dollars in one day just bites tweeting she earned facebook thirteen billion dollars in one day right because basically people started buying stocks and facebook but there there are buying stocks in facebook ourika this facebook things going to be big keep an eye out for that facebook the incidents go going places so basically all i fought i would see.

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