Collin Sexton could carry Alabama Crimson Tide far this postseason - Men's College Basketball Blog- ESPN


Teams with a by i kind of look at ucla 's resume and honestly it looks maybe not airtight but it doesn't even look like we should be questioning the bruins i can't say that about u s c but they did pick up a win against oregon state they've got oregon up next and the pac 12 tournament right now joe already has the trojans as having one of the last four byes and maybe the most thrilling finish of the day in college basketball yesterday was turned in by alabama with stirring seventy one seventy win over texas anm collins sexton maybe the least heralded really good player in college basketball with the game winning bucket that might have put the crimson tide in the incidentally tournament an underwhelming record it just eighteen in fourteen but jolan already has the crimson tide as one of the last four in and missouri jolan already has them solidly in the incidentally tournament as an eight seed the tigers lost to georgia in the sec tournament by two points but the headliner there is they got freshman michael porter jr back that significant because fina goes to colombia was only going to play for one year and is a turned out in the regular season he played a whopping two minutes and seven seconds he came back yesterday he was okay he showed some rust he didn't show a lot of bounce he didn't start the game he came in about three minutes in he got a really nice ovation and you saw flashes you didn't see a lot he finished with twelve points in just five of seventeen shooting espn college basketball analysts tom cream gave an evaluation of porter jr is performance i could resolve anxiety nervousness excitement for him to to keep a straight face for that crowds tear informed makes you want to cry when you see that kind of response bottom line is he rushed them shots is timing was off he took too many challenge shot since out of the game but the problem is out of the game to jordan bar met makes one shot kassius robertson who has been fantastic did not have a good game at all and i don't think the ball moved nearly as well is.

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