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And experience to play for them in their secondary and sherman will get money and eighty seven eight million dollars for this year that with injury settlement or close the eleven million he could have made with seattle anyway and you're likely will sign a oneyear deal to prove it and if he can prove it he'll be in for one more big payday next year is an unrestricted creates i think that if he most likely scenario the plays out here we've heard a lot about and see heading seven himself quoted today is saying make the seahawks want him back after he go shopping i think once he goes shop and he's going to realize you get a price the seahawks came cannot that always great to connect with gregg bill covers a hot sudanese tribune anz come i would wish you a quiet weekend would ever think weather right around the corner greg i don't think you're gonna get a thank you so much of your time again cruciate the thought both legs come on his time three forty one and let's get into more sports tara we will do a brought to you by divorce lawyers for man so very interesting trade just going down in the nfl the cleveland browns acquire from the buffalo bills they're starting quarterback ty ride taylor in return the bills get a thirdround draft pick in so it makes you wonder what this means for the browns in terms of drafting a quarterback with the number one overall selection in the nfl draft adding intrigued to an already curious situation with nfl free agency as well right around the corner getting underway on wednesday teams can begin negotiating with free agents like richard sherman come monday mariners in the desert today and they came up short against the francisco giants who top the ems tend to seven three mariners with home runs today d gordon nelson cruz and dan vogel back the story on the mound you're always wondering how are those starters doing how deep our they starting to get into games well lefty james paxton went three innings gave up five hits four runs four earned runs four strikeouts and a one walk for the big maple all right basketball tonight in las vegas sits the semi finals of the pac 12 turkey first game up ucla taking on arezzo owner that at 830 oregon will face u s e and also in las vegas the.

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