Florida governor signs gun-safety bill into law after school shooting


Administration hasn't really come up with a great plan on that so it's a huge gamble i daskalos the white house editor for bloomberg news watching all of the activity on the korean peninsula force coming up on bloomberg politics policy power in law we're going to have more on goldman sachs e l blanc finds decision to step down in that time line first let's get the latest world and national headlines with bloomberg's nancy lyons in washington thanks amy while everyone is talking about it vice president mike pence says north korea's desire to meet to discuss denuclearization is evidence president trump's strategy to isolate the camera zhang is working and in a statement he says the north koreans are coming to the table even though the us is made no concessions senator marco rubio appeared on cbs this morning he says he believes kim john on is willing to meet with trump for one of two reasons number one kendra mona supremely confident that he now has leverage over the united states because he believes we believe but he can strike us or be he's under some level of pressure threatened says regime and he feels like he needs to show the elites in this country that he is any strong position and that he is willing to do things in good people hope that things are going to get better on another issue senator rubio says he believes today florida governor rick scott will sign a four hundred milliondollar school safety bill that includes new gun controls and a provision to allow some teachers in florida to be armed scott is against arming teachers he will be meeting today with families of the seventeen people were killed in the park land florida school shooting the governor has fifteen days to sign the measure veto it or let it become law without his signature a former trump campaign aide is testifying before a grand jury today in washington sam nunn berg had insisted in a series of series of define interviews monday that he intended to defy a subpoena issued by special counsel robert muller's office by the end of the day he said he would likely cooperate global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2600 journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries i mean line thanks nancy now with our other top stories i'm pat carroll this news update is brought to you by national realty developers of prime new york hoboken philadelphia and delray beach real estate up to.

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