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The nba and you tv expected to make some kind of announcement today about carrying games and here's a sure sign of a strong us economy the department of transportation says last year americans took a record nine hundred sixty five million airline flights up three and a half percent from a year before while the average price of regular grade gasoline shot up seven cents a gallon over the past two weeks to two dollars sixty six cents industry analyst trilby lundberg said the increase was primarily driven by rising crude oil prices facebook ceo mark zuckerberg has signed ads placed in a number of american and british newspapers saying the social media platform doesn't deserve to be entrusted with personal information if it can't protect it tom could this be another rocky week for facebook while the bad news for facebook over that data mining scandal linked to the trump presidential campaign not even close to being over on wall street last week shares down thirteen percent that means a lost about an eight eighth of its value so investors aren't happy also companies including tesla spacex the speaker maker sonos mazula that's the maker of the fire fox web browser and the german bank commerzbank all pulled their ads off their service or deleted their accounts and it took ceo mark zuckerberg at least three days to respond publicly to that scandal so a lot of people aren't happy about that and the company is facing investigations in britain israel several states including new york massachusetts and maybe oregon and of course in congress so look for a lot more misery for facebook in the week ahead cnbc's tom busby at twenty two after facebook notwithstanding there was a major.

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