Apple to buy digital magazine service Texture


Bloomberg terminal bloomberg dot com itn's soundcloud and whatever app you use to browse podcasts a story we are watching tesla temporarily suspended production of the model three electric sedan for a week in late february it was a plant breeder that ultimately may help increase output of the closely watched vehicle model three production was idled from february twentieth to twenty fourth tussles model three production rate has been an endless source of fascination for fans reservation holders and investors alike bloomberg has developed a tool to estimate output by late february bloomberg's tesla model three check tracker indicated that the weekly production rate had plunged well apple services chief eddie cue took the stage at south by south west and suggested apple isn't interested in buying net flicks or disney and instead we'll build out its own original video content the tech giant is however buying the digital magazine texture for an undisclosed amount the acquisition part of apple subscription push and we'll boost its efforts in online services and media the texture apple users subscribed to more than two hundred magazines for nine dollars ninety nine cents.

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