This deadly flu season has peaked, but a late bump could loom


Kboi news time is three thirty this year's flu vaccine is doing all borst job of protecting people against the bug that's causing most of this season's illnesses idaho's had its fair share flew deaths this year now the nation's top health officials are still urging people to get flu shots telling you there's still time and shook it is with the cdc and says the flu season may have done its worst already though i know it's been a scary flu season and a heartbreaking one for far too many americans although we can't predict how much longer this season will last we could be looking at several more weeks of intense activity and we will probably continue to here very sad stories about children and adults critically ill or dine now and the rights side the cdc says flew activities down significantly for the second consecutive week but activity could likely continue for several more weeks rick worthington six seventy kboi and much of idaho the only road to get the town or to get away from a forest fire cuts across federal land for representative priscilla giddings of white bird that's a problem she sponsoring house bill six thirty seven to limit the circumstances under which roads across federal land can be closed this man who lives and minds in the clearwater national force says it's a matter of life and death at times wilderness do a lot of people lived in cities but to a lot of us the mayan and do the things that some of us do its own summertime and pliers season so please consider liquids and it's important two republican public safety idaho attorney general lawrence wahsington's office issued an opinion citing potential problems with the bill so the house state affairs committee voter to advance the bill to the amending order that means changes will be made their before goes to the house floor for debate boise state's three seniors chandler hutchison chrissy can felder and lexus williams scored fifty.

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