House Speaker Paul Ryan urges more 'surgical approach' to Trump tariffs


And on our facebook page wmal dc also today a ninthgrade student was arrested in anaheim rendall county for a threat that was phone did the broadening high school for dc public schools chancellor antoine wilson fighting back against his former employer say mayor mariel vows her wasn't entirely truthful in her account of what happened mayor browser made it clear during the press conference in which you nounce chancellor wilson's resignation i was never involved in their request for a transfer of chancellor wilson student she says he learned about wilson's run around of school lottery rules when the inspector general's office started its investigation but wilson knell tells the washington post bowser knew well before that you very specifically cited the gay and the meeting during which he told her dc political strategist chuck fees was close ties to bow antagonise vince grace as bouncers been couching her statements you've offering a smoke screen the statement cookie can hide behind a dc councils hoping to ever testifying under oath steve burns on w mailed in wbalcom nashville mayor meghan barre resigned after a many she had an extramarital affair with her lead bodyguard and shortly after pleading guilty to a felony theft charge while making the announcement this morning berry says she was blessed to service mayor it has been my honour and it has been the privilege of my entire professional life they've had the blessing and the opportunity to be your mayor house speaker paul ryan says he's urging president trump to reconsider plans for a 25 percent tariff on us imports of steel and aluminum the speaker says he is hopeful the white house will reconsider the proper approach is a more surgical approach so that we do not have unintended consequences that's what we've been encouraging the administration uh the person's running point on us is the ways and means chairman kevin brady he's been working on some solutions with the administration those talks are ongoing and i'm encouraged that hopefully we can get took it place employs one of the.

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