New Space Raiders- The New Indian Express


Of what we must do what government needs to be a part of in what the private sector can do i'm encouraged with the launch yesterday that there's um amazing things that the private sector can do that space x is done that a lot of other entities out there are doing some really great things but i still think there is of vital role for government in for nasa i'm republican conservative republican yet absolutely a hundred percent supportive of research and finding every day that struggle of of what must we do because no private entity or individual is able to do it and i think again that's what with nasa has always been about and wanna make sure we continue to keep that folks i think the the caucus can help lead that discussion of making sure that we are doing what we must do as uh as government representatives gentlemen thank you so much for taking all of this time and also for taking on these new roles in the brand new planetary science caucus best of luck i hope that we can check back in a check on the progress of the of the caucus just as we check in on the progress of space exploration every week thank you so much it's really been a a one time to be with you hand we are so excited about all this happening and thanks for the planetary society's involvement to we we hope everybody's state involved and engaged with it and we know bill nye will yes we do that we've been talking with the honorable randy whole qiren nonoriginal member of the new planetary science caucus in the house of representatives he represents the 14th district of illinois and derek kilmer a cochair of that new caucus who represents washington's sixth district.

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