Accused Parkland shooter's brother pleads 'no contest' for trespassing


The opening day for the mets is being met with some tragic news for fans with the loss of icon rusty staub happy opening day but it's not gonna be so happy icon for new york mets i respect i respected him for his game he did a lot for the mets y'all just gets to the nineteen seventy three world series and we lost lost somebody great star died earlier today of multiple organ failure at a hospital in west palm beach he was a beloved baseball personality gourmet chef and wine connoisseur he was seventy three the brother decreased parkland high school shooter is pleading no contest to a charge of trespassing zachary cruise was arrested on march nineteenth for skateboarding on the campus of marjory stoneman douglas high school where his brother is accused of murdering seventeen people the eighteen year old received six months probation and was ordered to undergo therapy and wear a gps monitor he's also not allowed to possess weapons or come within one mile of the stoneman douglas campus is brother nicholas has a pile of fan mail at the broward jail the males from people from all over the world offering friendship encouragement even money the jury is still deliberating the trial of the pulse nightclub gunman's widow noor salman if convicted of helping her husband planned the mass shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando she faces life in prison space junk the size of an rv could hit earth on april fools day no phoolan chengguan one and abandoned chinese space station is slated to fall back towards sometime between march thirty first and april second but where nobody knows for sure but it could be somewhere in the us scientists say though not to worry even though after burn off the piece that makes earth fall could be the size of a winnebago they said the chances of getting hit or a million times smaller than the odds of winning the powerball jackpot your next update at half hour on karen curtis stay connected with news anytime at eight fifty t l dot com coming up is the friday thank goodness morning show jennifer bill.

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