Russia expels 60 U.S. diplomats, closes consulate in retaliation


From your breaking news station i'm larry mullen break the us is responding to russia's decision to expel sixty americans from that country in response for the exact same move by the us earlier in the week correspondent phil black says russia doesn't believe they had any other choice the russian view is that this is the band minimum response it's a reasonable response to what you have done to us and justly but they've included a warning and that is that if other countries notably the united states do take further action against russia than russia will respond further as well employees of the city of santa fe or getting a reminder from new mayor alan webber he's telling them the city will continue to prohibit its employees from helping immigration and naturalization service investigators enforce immigration laws weber says no city resources will be used to identify or apprehend noncitizens solely on the basis of that person's immigration status the waste isolation pilot plant in south eastern new mexico resumed operations last year following a three year shutdown since then one hundred eighty shipments of radioactive waste of arrived at the facility they've come from los alamos national laboratory as well as installations in idaho texas tennessee in south carolina well you've no doubt noticed it a big jump in gas prices in new mexico triple eight mexico says the average statewide price went up ten cents in the past week to two fifty four a gallon albuquerque gas prices went up sixteen cents to two fifty one gallon daniel armbruster is with aaa new mexico most analysts anticipate that the prices are going to continue to rise when we reach mid april the price nationally will probably be two seventy right now it's at two sixty five aaa says on average motorist will now pay more than thirty five dollars to fill up a fourteen gallon tank sixty four degrees in albuquerque our next news update at six i'm larry molin franken ninety four point five fm and am seven seventy newsradio k k o b guns used for one purpose to kill other humans your lieutenant governor your governor candidate said that how do you react how do you respond this is jack from.

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