West Virginia teachers say schools will 'remain closed' until Senate honors deal

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Live from NPR News in Washington, I'm Barbara Klein, West Virginia's teachers say they'll continue their strike for an eight school day tomorrow. The decision comes after the state senate passed a four percent pay raise last night, less than the five percent negociated with Republican governor and approved by the House of Delegates Molly born of West Virginia Public Broadcasting reports the House and Senate are now at an impasse and will work out their differences in a special committee. Confusion reigned in the capital when Senate lawmakers mistakenly Pastor version of the pay raise bill that had some of the same key aspects as the original. The day was emotional, said union leader, Christine, Campbell there, folks who came out of fear frying. They're folks who came out of here angry because they feel like they're being used as a political football. Another union officials said, the strike will go on indefinitely unless teachers get the 5 percent raise. Their demands also include an overhaul to what they call a. Lot health care program for NPR News. I'm Molly born in Charleston, West Virginia in Syria, government forces and their allies have broken through rebel front lines in eastern Gouda outside Damascus reportedly re-taking a quarter of the enclave the BBC, Sebastian usher reports the pace of pro-government advance his into eastern Kuta appears to be picking up speed. The aerial bombardments have diminished somewhat of a devastating week-long campaign earlier this month, but on the ground. Frontline rebel resistance is reported to be collapsing. A source in the enclave told the BBC, The minitry situation was beyond critical. One group of fighters is reported to be negotiating terms of surrender for the town of Ms rubber. If a deal is agreed that would open the road for pro-government forces to cut eastern Gouta in half. And in the meantime, the humanitarian crisis is growing more dire. Aid is not getting in Germany's five-month-long wait for a new government is over as. NPR's Seraya Sarhadi Nelson reports from Berlin the centre-left Social Democrats today agreed to join Chancellor Angela Merkel conservative bloc in a governing coalition officials from the Social Democratic party or SPD were up all night tallying some three hundred seventy thousand male and ballots two-thirds of the members who voted said yes to their party joining Chancellor Angela Merkel new government. Many social democrats remain uncomfortable about partnering with conservatives because they blame their last joint Coalition for the voter backlash last September that left the SPD with historically low returns, but growing German frustration since then over the lack of a new government and concerns that new elections could lead to even worse result for the SPD led most of the parties critics to back down the new government is expected to start work in the coming weeks. First Mackel will have to be re-elected chancellor by the German parliament on March 14th psoriasis or heading Allison NPR News Berlin. This is NPR. Italians are casting ballots in a parliamentary election today is being held amid concern over immigration and unemployment. The vote could reveal whether Italians have adopted. The Populist far-right sentiment that is growing in Europe. Lines have been long all day blamed in part on time-consuming anti-fraud procedures. The vote culminates a bitter and sometimes violent campaign. The first man to run a mile in less than four minutes has died from London. Larry Miller recalls the achievement by Britain's Roger Bannister. The winds were gusting up to twenty five miles an hour at Oxford's if we Road cinder track on the sixth of May 1954 coming from behind Roger Bannister broke the tape to take his place in sports history, completing the mire with a time of three minutes fifty nine point four seconds Afterwards, he said he was lucky. Banisters record stood for just forty six days. Running was. A time pursuit for the twenty five year old medical student and Olympian and a few months after his record-breaking achievement. He retired from athletics to become one of Britain's leading neurologist, Sir, Roger Bannister suffered from Parkinson's disease. He was eighty eight For NPR News. I'm Larry Miller in London in willow Alaska more than sixty mushers in their dog. Teams are getting ready to take off later today on the one thousand mile I did or odd Sled Dog grace and adventure. That'll take them over dangerous terrain ending up in Nome on the coast of the Bering Sea. I'm Barbara Klein, NPR News in Washington. Sir.

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