The end of an era for Grayson Allen


Do it internalized stuff and it was just it's one of those things that regardless of the surrounding moments and we saw it i saw michigan state senior day and you see all you understand all the things that are swirling around a lot of these programs and all of them are less than stellar but in those moments when we like to get back to what college sports are really all about which is the kids and the players involved that are in a lot of and a lot of instances when we talk about the punishments handed down the innocence in these situations in the ones that are being punished for crimes long since past them it's i figured refreshing moment to kinda hold back in on the central focus of we're all of this should be before lot of the money flooded everything grace now after his senior night which seems like it was eighteen years in the making how long has been in college talk after the game we chose his up mubarak is been the number warned there for me does such as the city insane further sir personalized my goal junior on espn radio and the espn app so grason alan's career as a jew blue devil at home in the regular season comes to an end obviously a lot more in store for that team as they start to get ready for what comes next in the world the college basketball as it everyone else so we had a lot of our tournament teams punched their ticket four tournament winners this weekend punched their ticket a a lot of them a dramatic fashion and this is the time of year where we get those qualifiers from winning some of these smaller conference tournaments the pop up teams you may not have heard for heard of her head on your radar some exceptions big ten michigan beats per do largest loss of the season for purdue but they be them and the big ten final the punch their chairman but then you look at the big south the missouri valley conference and the atlantic son where the other three involved and strap on the big south with the championship under radford punches their ticket beating liberty 55 fifty two and then it gets interesting this lipscomb forest ford a gulf coast game the wild ending to this one after lipscomb led by as many as thirty two points in the.

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