For Trump, Jeff Sessions' recusal from Russia probe was 'original sin': Priebus


The european union the trump is threatened attacks european cars at the eu slapped tariffs that american products it's all a response to the white house decision to increase tariffs on imported steel and aluminum senator lindsey graham of south carolina also thinks the president should reconsider those tariffs telling cbs face the nation those terracar misdirected incorrectly identified the problem of china dumping stale throughout the world a store the american steel industry your solution is let china off the hook very experts believe the tariffs will calls prices and americanmade products to surge but a white house trade advisor claims any price increase will be negligible president trump beach with the israeli prime minister today at the white house benjamin netanyahu will speak at the annual conference of the pro israel rule of lobby eight pack later this week israel is applauded the white house decision to recognize jerusalem as its capital but it also wants the us to do more to crack down on iran special counsel robert miller may be taking a closer look at the business portfolio presidential soninlaw jared kushner he has a large family business that he has not entirely divested from and that business puts him at odds with the administration in some instances it would appear abc's david right says there are questions about us support for an economic blockade of cutter just weeks after cutter refused to invest it a real estate venture bobby kushner's family as the bickering continues three president trump at attorney general jeff sessions former chief of staff reince priebus tells abc's this week it could be bad news for the white house i think it is a problem and i don't think that it would be good for the president for for attorney general sessions to leave that trump wants to get attack sessions last week for his handling of the russia investigation riva says the prizes won't let sessions off the hook for recusing himself a special envoy for south korea's president heads to north korea for talks with the north nuclear program leader kim jonghoon they'll also discussed ways to reopen communication between pyonyang of the us if follows an earlier meeting between kim sister and south korean leaders the white house says any talks between the us and north korea must include the.

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