Atlanta Falcons talking to Seattle Seahawks about Michael Bennett trade


The seahawks about a potential trade for defence lemon michael bennett nothing is imminent it the sources telling espn bennett signing a threeyear extension in december of twenty six team the contract has three years remaining base salaries of one point six five million six million and seven and a half million mussa natural tie between bennett in the falcons coach dan quinn used to be the defensive coordinator at defensive line coach in seattle at the combine this weekend for came griffin second straight year we've seen a four three eight in the forty last year cornerback with the seahawks now is twin brother shaquille also posted a 438 this weekend sikim does it earlier on espn radio maybe the most inspiring story i can remember at a combine and there's a point here where the world is started to become aware of she came griffin over the last few months and the college football sort of found the story and finally started to tell the story richard sherman tweeted this a few years ago if she came griffin doesn't get trapped in.

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