Bella Thorne Reveals She Made So Much Money From Paid Social Media Posts She Bought a Mansion


Yeah it is it's not he's not a one note hanford right there you go he has a broad here's a range he is amazing he's a handful artist with what we'll experience some of his other classics as we go through the show today just to give you a little delight moment that's not a word but whatever moving on here's what we have for you door number three we're moving on to actress bella thorne so she was profiled in a video for vogue dot com in the magazine vogue dot com in the video is called inside the life of bella thorne and we we learned a lot about bella thorne and one of the things we learn about her is she is rach all because of instagram so let's let bella thorne talk about getting return instagram in her own words for grid posting sixty five grand post grad for story posting it anywhere from ten to twenty k and first nap shot is the same as insist story instagram is one hundred percent a job to me i started out eighteen who have literally two hundred dollars in my bank account and i bought this house a year later year and a half as all from social media that is insane that is insane so if you didn't quite hear that bella graham she said that for each sponsored posts that she doesn't instagram she makes sixty five thousand dollars amazing i sponsored instagram stories instagram stories the thing that you put up in it expires in twenty four hours she gets paid ten to twenty thousand dollars and that's the same fee she gets for snapchat so she said that when she was eighteen years old she was totally broke at two hundred dollars in the bank and now as a twenty year old she just bought her own house in los angeles that is insane and now i'm on her instagram and i will say she's got a very active instagram she's not my cup of tea not really she's a little young for me and a little she i'm not her audience anyway so it doesn't matter a surprise that she's able to charge that much just for product placement.

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