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Up my wife big suv last year v8 timing maybe we'll buy some oil stocks and make it up on the back end but estimates for q one and future quarters have gone up dramatically and with the tax law changes as the most notable reason for the positive revisions wall street also expects major earnings growth over really the entire year this year and believe it or not right now second and third quarters earnings are projected even higher so for the full year twenty eighteen expectations are that the sp five hundred companies to have earnings growth of eighteen percent that's phenomenal yeah so it's gonna be interesting to follow the earning season just to see how it impacts the overall overall market but you know whatever the results of earnings we've got a process that reacts to whatever the market impact is and that's why we use a tactical strategy emphasizing risk management risk risk management but with a process where we can participate if the markets do get pushed forward by positive earnings you know the reality guys there have been times in the history of the us stock markets where we've had stopped strong earnings and the market crashed i mean but the reality is over any meaningful period of time the number one thing that tends to push stocks up is if the companies are making money that's what earnings are all about.

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