Jennifer Hart was drunk when she drove her family off a cliff, authorities say


Say that syria intercepted twelve cruise missiles launched on an airfield near damascus this according to russian media todd ant abc news the north west only allnews station komo news one thousand fm ninety seven seven this is twenty four seven news on komo news i'm paul jackson jennifer heart the woman who police say drove her family off a california cliff was drunk at the time of the wreck toxicology report showed that hart had a blood alcohol level of point one oh to well above the legal limit the california highway patrol says her wife sarah and their two adopted children had a significant amount of compound found in benadryl in their systems that chemical can make people drowsy the hearts and three of their children were found dead after the car went into the pacific ocean last month three other children are missing investigators are still working to identify a body that may be connected to the crash the flu continues to work its way through kitsap county komo's eric heintz reports five flu related deaths reported in march those deaths were followed by two in april and local health officials say that proves that resurgence of flu activity the kits at public health district reports laboratory confirmed cases of influenza appear to peak in january cases increased again in march and remain elevated this month a total of seventeen flu related deaths have been reported since november surpassing the thirteen deaths recorded during the two thousand sixteen twenty seventeen flu season gets up son reports all of the people who died during the current flu season had underlying health concerns and all but one was sixty five or older eric heintz komo news the trump administration appears to be ready to take a new approach to marijuana laws as charlie harder explained attorney general jeff sessions had made it very clear even though some states had legalized pot it remains illegal under federal law and could be prosecuted in those states under federal law best view is that we don't need to be legalizing marijuana but republican senator cory gardner of colorado disagreed saying voters in.

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